Steps to prevent hair fall

Posted by shelikabeautytips Friday, July 17, 2009

There is no absolutely successful remedy for your hair fall because the condition of hair problem varies from one person to another. However, there are remedies that decreases the rate of hair fall and prevents further damage to your hair. There are many homemade beauty tips that apply to hair care.

1. Regular use of mild shampoo will keep the dirt and grime off . Scalp should be completely clean, this is the first step towards healthy, unbreakable hair.

2. Regular ten to twelve glasses of water keeps the internal system flushes and eliminates toxins. It is great for your entire system and hair.

3. Proper intake of protein helps a lot and this can be taken through consumption of leafy green vegetables, fruits, milk, sprouts and other healthy products with no fat.

4. Brahmi and Almond oil is a best solution for lustrous hair.

5. Condition your hair twice in a week. Never apply conditioner to the hair roots which aggravates hair fall.

6. Vitamins, iron, protein and other nutrients should be present in the food. Spinach keeps the hair healthy.

7. Intake of zinc should be increased. This prevents hair loss and premature greying. Food items like wholegrain flour contain zinc.

8. Surprisingly, copper, stops hair fall. Contained in the blood serum, it prevents hair fall. Peanuts, cashew nuts, beans, whole milk and seeds contain copper. Have them to check hair loss.


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