Foot and Hand Care: Simple Steps for Manicure and Pedicure

Posted by shelikabeautytips Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foot and hand care starts at the very basic level: cleanliness. Make sure to wash your hands and feet with water and thoroughly clean between your toes and nails every evening when you return home. Wash your feet with a foot-wash every evening and apply a cooling foot gel to soothe tired feet. Keep your toenails short to avoid gathering of dirt under the nails, which can give rise to bad odour as well as foot fungus.

Without question, you will need to go for professional pedicure and manicure every fortnight.

Special tip: Make sure to dry your sandals and shoes completely before wearing them again. You can use a foot powder and sprinkle some in your shoes to avoid your feet getting sweaty.


To keep your hands and feet smooth and shiny through the monsoon months, apply a mixture of cold milk and baking soda all over your hands and feet. Keep on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and remember to mois­turise after that. The days when you have splashed through many dirty puddles, get back home and soak your feet in water at room temperature to which a little mint oil has been added. You can even boil some mint leaves in a bucket of water, cool it and use it as a hand and foot soak. You can even add a little iodine solution to your mint foot soak to avoid getting foot fungus.

Strawberry Glow: Take 8-10 strawberries, two tbsp. olive oil and one tsp. salt and mix together all the ingredients. Massage into hands and feet, rinse, and pat dry. Straw­berries contain a natural fruit acid that aid in exfoliation and removing tan.


Says dermatologist, Dr Jaishree Sharad, “By following simple tips, one can look after one’s skin and nails. Chipping is caused by using nail polish remover too often, constant exposure to detergents and chemicals. At times, chipping is caused because of lack of Vitamin B-­complex, calcium and Biotin.”

Simple Steps for Manicure:

1. File your nails. Do not move the file up and down, move it in just one direction.

2. Buff the nails using an emery board.

3. Apply cuticle cream.

4. Dip in bowl of water for a couple of minutes.

5. Dab dry.

6. Push back the cuticle with orange stick.

7. Clean below the nails with a file.

8. Apply nail softener.

9. Massage with cream.

10. Apply paraffin wax with a brush.

11. Cover with foil.

12. Let the wax dry.

13. Remove foil and peel off wax gently.

14. Wash and dry hands.

15. Apply base coat on nail.

16. Apply nail softener followed by nail polish shade of your choice.

Simple Steps for Pedicure:

1. File the nails.

2. Soak your feet for seven minutes in warm water to which pedisoap and pedisalt has been added. Dab dry.

3. Apply cuticle cream

4. Clean cuticle with orange stick by going around nail, pushing and cleaning simultaneously.

5. Clean nails with a brush.

6. Apply nail softener/strengthener if your nails are too dry.

7. Scrub heels with heel scraper.

8. Apply scrub all over feet and wash after a couple of minutes.

9. For a spa pedicure, apply green mask all over feet.

10. Cover with foil and keep on for 5-7 minutes.

11. Wash off gently.

12. Apply foot pack using a brush. Wash off after 10 minutes.

13. Massage with foot cream

14. Use a toe-separator to apply nail polish.


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